PewDiePie and Nova together
Biographical info
Full name James Wilson
Aliases Nova, Paragonnova, UberHaxorNova, James, Anal (username)
Gender Male
Born June 1st, 1990
Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Political info
Affiliation Bro Army, Friend
Nationality Puerto Rican/American
Occupation YouTube Let's Player
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Worms' Revolution

Sanic Ball

James Wilson, more commonly known by his account name, UberHaxorNova or just Nova, is a YouTuber who plays games. He is one half of the Cow Chop duo, along with ImmortalHD. He is also a former member of a group called the Creatures (Other members are Kootra, Zeroyalviking, Sp00nerism, DanzNewz, SSoHPKC,  ImmortalHD, Dexter Manning and GoldenBlackHawk).


A "fanwar" occured wherein YouTuber users argued who is the better YouTuber--such as PewDiePie & UberHaxorNova, PewDiePie & Tobuscus and so on. They would go on to the channel they "don't like" and post hate comments such as ".... is better than ...., or ".....'s videos suck!". They have said so that they may end the "fanwar" they would be doing a collaboration of some sort. Both Nova and PewDiePie tryed to call off the "fanwar" by telling their fans not to do it, PewDiePie posted it on twitter and Nova said it on his Happy Wheels video. They in the end played worms together with Cry and Sp00nerism, this stopped most of the "fanwar".


On March 3, 2013 the first Worms' Revolution video was uploaded on Nova's channel, then on Sp00n's channel and on PewDie's channel. It featured PewDie & Cry vs. Nova & Sp00n in a match of Worms' Revolution. The collaboration sparked a lot of positive reactions from fans and they were begging for more. It took a lot of effort from the 4 of them to set up this collaboration because of the different time zones. (since Nova, Sp00n & Cry lives in the U.S. while PewDiePie lived in Italy then)

Over a year later on September 18th, 2014, Nova, PewDiePie, Ken, and Markiplier played Sanic Ball together.