Pewdiepie made a parody of the song Untitled from "Simple Plan". It is introduced in "Saddest Song Ever!" and was published on April 27,2014

Lyrics Edit

I open my eyes

I tried to see but I'm blinded

By the white light

I can't remember how

I can't remember why

I'm lying here tonight

And I can't stand the pain and I can't make it go away

No, I can't stand the pain

Chorus: Edit

How could this happen to me

I've made my mistakes

Got nowhere to run

The night goes on as I'm fading away

I'm sick of this life

I just want Ice cream,

How could this happen to me

Trivia: Edit

  • The picture for the video is Dean Winchester from the show Supernatural.
  • Many people were confused if he and Marzia broke up, due to Pewds dropping a picture of Marzia during the video.

External Links Edit

Saddest Story Ever

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