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Megohalls February 19, 2013 User blog:Megohalls

Hello everyone!! I'm new to doing this whole blog shindig, however I am not new to the Pewdiepie community. I came across his videos like I'm sure most people did. I was watching a different youtuber's video, and eventually i came across this guy in August of 2012, and that's how i spent the rest of my summer. : ) Anyway, I guess I should introduce myself...?

Hi!!! I'm megohalls, obviously. And I am 17 years hold, graduating high school June 1, 2013 ; ) yeah you know ; D I would LOVE to go to the University of New Haven to study for Forensic Science, but I still currently have no answer. May I mind you that i applied in November. Yeah! I know!?  I can be very out going and very shy. I am very real with people; I will be straight up honest. I also tend to make people feel awkward...? Yeah, I don't know. That's what I'm told. ALSO!!! I love making people smile and laugh; so if that includes me making and idiot out of myself, then so be it. I don't care what people think of me, I have enough friends and family to support me in what I do. Plus, if you're judging me and hating me, clearly I must be important enough to you to have the delightful grace of my name to come out of your mouth! Ha Ha! alright, ANYWHO!!! I'm a bit of a nerd. My studies come before I do anything. I am also a band geek. I've played the clarinet since i was in third grade, and i've been in all Honor Band Concerts and played in the Pit Orchestra for all theplay's. Speaking of which, I am working on my last show this year, :, / It's going to be a sad one. One lat thing I'm sure you all would love to know about me, is that when it comes to my friends, I love to emberrass them. Probably because, again I say, I don't care what other people think about me. I mean unless you truely don't want me to emberrass you, I won't. But i'm just saying, I have a tendency to do that.Not that i am expecting to meet anyone on here...

Anyway!! I hope you have a great day, who ever is reading this!!!!!

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