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    1)Hello my friends/users!This is my first time writing one of these things so yeah :)

    2)Since Pewdiepie is in LA somewhere,what should I give him in case if I bump into him?I'm not that much of a fangirl, but I just want to meet a YouTuber.

    3)I created a story recently called Pewdiepie Origins were it explains how Felix Kjellburg became Pewdiepie!Here's the story and tell me if you like it :)


    Felix Kjellburg and Marzia Bisognin are planning to go out on a date.Little do they know,something evil is in store for them after the date.

    • in Felix's house*

    Felix:*wakes up* (Ah!Another regular day were I can spend time with my wonderful girlfriend!) *goes outside and drives to Marzia's house*

    • in Marzia's house*

    Marzia:*wakes up*

    Maya:*wakes up*


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