1)Hello my friends/users!This is my first time writing one of these things so yeah :)

2)Since Pewdiepie is in LA somewhere,what should I give him in case if I bump into him?I'm not that much of a fangirl, but I just want to meet a YouTuber.

3)I created a story recently called Pewdiepie Origins were it explains how Felix Kjellburg became Pewdiepie!Here's the story and tell me if you like it :)


Felix Kjellburg and Marzia Bisognin are planning to go out on a date.Little do they know,something evil is in store for them after the date.

  • in Felix's house*

Felix:*wakes up* (Ah!Another regular day were I can spend time with my wonderful girlfriend!) *goes outside and drives to Marzia's house*

  • in Marzia's house*

Marzia:*wakes up*

Maya:*wakes up*

Marzia:Good morning Puga!~

Maya:*goes back to sleep*

Marzia:*sigh* (I'm so happy that Felix asks me out for a date!I think he might be coming so I should get ready)

Felix:*knocks on door*Hello?Are you there Marzia?

Marzia:*opens door*Oh hi Felix!Would you like some breakfast?

Felix:Sure!Do you want me to make anything for you?

Marzia:No!I'm fine~

Felix:Well ok!*goes inside Marzia's house*This place looks pretty alright!

Marzia:I know,right?Its just SO pretty!

Maya:*wakes up and walks near Felix*

Felix:Huh?What the?


Felix:Aw!She's so cute!*hugs Maya*

Marzia:Well if you want any food,just go into the kitchen!

Felix: Ok!*goes to the kitchen and waits for Marzia*

Marzia:*goes to kitchen and makes sandwiches for the date*

Felix:*eats with Marzia*

Marzia:So,shall we go outside on our date?

Felix:Yeah!Lets go!*leaves house and opens door for Marzia*

Marzia:*blushing and leaves house*

Felix:*starts driving to a park*

Marzia:*puts sunglasses on*

Felix:*looks at Marzia* (Wow....She looks very beautiful today.She just seems pretty perfect.Her dogs are also cute~)

Marzia:......Anyway I made some sandwiches!

Felix:That's awesome!I love sandwiches!

Marzia:Who doesn't like sandwiches?

Felix:I dunno.Maybe haters...

Marzia:You have a point there Felix~

Felix:So I thought that after we have our picnic,we could go to the movies?

Marzia:It sounds wonderful!

  • arrives at the park*

Felix:We're here!*opens door for Marzia*


Felix:No problem!

Marzia:These flowers are so pretty!

Felix:They're only half as beautiful as you~


Felix:*walk around the park*

Marzia:*follows him*

Felix:*sits near a tree*

Marzia:*sits near him*


Marzia:*gets sandwiches*

Felix:*eats sandwich*

Marzia:*eats sandwich*

Felix:*watches children play with kites while eating*

Marzia:*looks at clouds while eating*

Felix:*finishes sandwich*

Marzia:*finishes sandwich*

Felix:So you're ready to go?


Felix:*walks to car*

Marzia:*follows and sits inside*

Felix:*starts driving to movie theater*

Marzia:*hopes that Maya is ok*

Felix:Well,we're here!

Marzia:So what movie shall we watch?

Felix:You can pick.

Marzia:Ok!Um,I chose this*points at a movie and walks inside*

Felix:Thats pretty good!*walks inside theater*

  • 2 hours later*

Marzia:That movie was so EPIC!

Felix:It was!

Marzia:Well I had a fun time with you Felix!I'll see you later!*walks to her house*

Felix:You don't want me to drive you there?

Marzia:Its fine!*walks back to her house*

Felix:If you say so*drives away back to his house*

  • in Felix's house*

Felix:*in his bed,yawns* Well that was a good day today so what can I say since we just dated this May! *makes dubstep noises and falls asleep*

  • in a castle*

Felix:*wakes up* Huh?Where the hell am I?Is this a fucking dream?How did I get over here?This isn't Italy at all!All I have in this room is this skull and this jar of mayonnaise!

Skull:There's more than that here in this castle!

Mayonnaise:Yeah there is!

Felix:*scared* What the FUCK!?D-Did that skull and the mayo-

Skull:We sure did all right!

Mayonnaise:Allow me to introduce ourselves.My name is Mayo and that skull that's here is named,well Skully!

Skully:It's a pleasure to meet you!

Felix:It's nice to meet you to Skull and Mayo!

Mayo:Same here!Since we introduced ourselves,can you tell us who you are?

Felix:*blushing*You guys don't want to know me!I'm just a nobody!

Skully:Nonsense!You aren't a nobody!You're a somebody to us!


Mayo: Of course!Now tell us who you are!

Felix:*nervous*W-Well my name is Felix.Felix Kjellburg!

Skully:*gasp*You mean-

Mayo:THE Felix Kjellburg!?

Felix:That's right!

Skully:*whispering to Mayo*I think he's the guy we're looking for!

Mayo:*whispering*Well he fits the description!

Felix:*confused*What are you guys talking about?

Skully:You're the hero that's supposed to rescue is from the evil Servant Grunts!

Mayo:He is!The hero told in the story!


Skully:Allow me to explain the story.Long ago,there was a young man who ventured forth to slay the sinister evil that enslaved all of his friends that were forced to do the sinister evil's bidding through brainwashing in this exact castle.One day,he was dating a beautiful woman and was also stuck here.He traveled,searching for the sinister evil who kidnapped the woman.Luckily,he had some help from the prisoners.

Felix:The prisoners?

Mayo:Yes.We're also prisoners here,stuck in this castle to never find the exit.

Felix:Well continue on with the story Skull!

Skully: Of course.As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me,he had help from the prisoners.The golden statue,the wooden chair,the dead pig,the big rock,his flaming torch,and his girlfriend's dog were the specific prisoners that helped him defeat the sinister evil.

Felix:So where the hell am I supposed to find them?

Mayo:You may never know.It might take you a while...

Felix:I see...I should find my girlfriend...

Skully:Take me with you!I'll try my best to be helpful!

Mayo:Well good luck Skull and Felix!

  • in a different part of the castle*

Marzia:*wakes up*Huh?Where am I?

Maya:*wakes up*What the?

Marzia:*shocked*Y-You can talk!?

Maya: Of course I can talk!You just don't hear me speaking!

Marzia:I guess I don't pay that much attention to you.I'm sorry~

Maya: Don't fret master!It really doesn't make you a bad person!

Marzia: Don't you know where we're at though?

Maya:No I don't,unfortunately...

Marzia:You think Felix might be here to?

Maya:Hm...*sniffs*He is here!I can smell him!

Marzia:I should probably call him...*reaches for cellphone*Huh?Where did I put it?

Maya:You left it at your house...

Marzia:Well shoot...

  • where Felix is at*

4)I have some stories like this in my DeviantArt page,such as my most famous post:Pewdiepie possessed by a BARREL!?Just search my name in the search thingy and it should be the first thing shown as a journal.

Question time!

1)What would you do if Pewdie was possessed by a BARREL?

2)How would you react if you found Pewds somewhere? A.Act like Stephano and Piggeh at the same time B.Be a complete fangirl C.Act like a normal person

3)Who would win in a fight?A waffle or a pancake?

Well that's all for today bros!I'm your one and only Mimzzy101 and I'll see you next time!

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