Felix Arvid Ulf "PewDiePie" Kjellberg
The Bro Master
Biographical info
Full name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Aliases PewDiePie, PewDie
Gender Male
Residence Gothenburg, Sweden
Political info
Affiliation Bro Army
Rank Bro Master/Leader
"title" needs to be changed to "name"

Hey guys. I have created this CharacterBox template a while ago with a couple of changes recently. However, I didn't see many users using this template in the character pages. Well, I think using this such template can atleast sort things out and get quick info on characters in-game and real life people.

Here is how the template works:

|title       = Name of the character/person
|image       = Image of character
|imagewidth  = Size of image
|caption     = Captions to describe image
|fullname    = Character's actual full name
|aliases     = Character's other names/nicknames
|species     = Character's species (don't include if game has all humans)
|gender      = Character's sex/gender
|born        = When and where character is born
|family      = Character's relatives
|home        = Character's hometown
|affiliation = What side the character is on
|nationality = What country/kingdom the character is of
|job         = Character's job
|rank        = Character's rank in that job
|appears     = Character's appearances in which shows/games, cameo appearances
|role        = Character's role in-game (Protagonist/Antagonist/Ally/Foe)
|actor       = Character's actor/actress/voice actor/actress