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    My thoughts on PewDiePie's haters

    Title says it all.

    First of all, I do understand that all you haters (or barrels, as PewDiePie fanbase calls) do not consider PewDiePie as a good entertainer, and are desperate to find another good source of entertainment. But I must ask you haters; why only PewDiePie you can hate? And what's with all the moneywhore thing? You all surely knows that people work to find money, to make a living, right? So why should you hate someone who is trying to make a living from gaming?

    Plus, I've heard that you haters consider PewDiePie's videos as "dangerous for kids" and are dubbed as "psychological babbling", then how about those slapstick shows frequently being aired on your TVs? You haters called PewDiePie a moneywho…

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