My thoughts on PewDiePie's haters

Title says it all.

First of all, I do understand that all you haters (or barrels, as PewDiePie fanbase calls) do not consider PewDiePie as a good entertainer, and are desperate to find another good source of entertainment. But I must ask you haters; why only PewDiePie you can hate? And what's with all the moneywhore thing? You all surely knows that people work to find money, to make a living, right? So why should you hate someone who is trying to make a living from gaming?

Plus, I've heard that you haters consider PewDiePie's videos as "dangerous for kids" and are dubbed as "psychological babbling", then how about those slapstick shows frequently being aired on your TVs? You haters called PewDiePie a moneywhore faggot, then what about those rich men and corporations who hired thousands of workers and care about nothing but money? You haters despise PewDiePie for being gay, while at the same time you haters are supporting human rights, including gay and lesbian rights. That marks on how your brain had been retarding even before a PewDiePie showed up on internet.

Is it really that the only thing you barrels can hate on internet is PewDiePie? Then what about those celebrities who were reportedly claimed to be the most hated people on earth? What about those Youtubers who titled and narrated their videos with languages so terrible that they gained hundreds of dislikes, such as Annoying Orange, IntelligentCoDFanboy, TotalBiscuit, ijustine, or even JustinBieberVEVO? That marks on how you haters are incapable of judging Youtubers from BOTH sides.

So, why don't you haters and barrels just get cozy in front of your computers and if you have any grand revolutionary ideas about who a famous Youtuber should be, you all can sit there and let those retarded ideas to bawl inside your heads for every eternity.

PewDiePie doesn't need your mockery and hate spams. PewDiePie doesn't need your one-sided judges. And he certainly doesn't need the validation of some random people whose job is to play some random online games all day and skip school or work. Sure, just go on and believe with all that fake stuff and bullshit spoken by those who claimed themselves to be intelligent adults who despise PewDiePie for being a moneywhore faggot. Especially NateTalksToYou, he respects freedom of speech so much that he doesn't know how to adress his contempt in a more humble-mannered.

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