Vespa / Segway
Vespa and segway
Original Vespa and New Vespa/Segway


None (imaginarily female)


Happy Wheels


Segway Guy's girlfriend

Vespa was originally in a map called "Vespa Mad Run " in the flash game Happy Wheels. PewDie failed to get on it and the Vespa went on without him, so he decided to practice his sexual skills in the meantime. That made Vespa come back. After trying to have sexy time with Vespa for a while, it leaves PewDie (it may have not liked something he did) and leaves him heartbroken.

The new Vespa is a Segway that frequently wants to have sex with Pewdie. He insists that it's a Vespa, although it's very clearly just a segway.

Other appearances

Vespa Bully

Vespa in Bully.

In Bully: Scholarship Edition, a scooter can be won at the carnival, and upon seeing it, PewDiePie instantly calls it Vespa and tries to win it; it quickly becomes his preferred vehicle in the game. It is in its original model, but as a light grey color instead of red. Vespa was a huge part of the series (Episodes 1-23) as PewDiePie used it as a easy method of travel.

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