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Year Walk is an iOS platform Swedish first person 2D puzzle/horror game that was developed by the Swedish game developer Simogo.

PewDiePie started a Let's Play of Year Walk that consists of two episodes, which started on May 11th, 2013.


Set in the fictitious late 19th century Swedish town of Vedtorp, a man named Daniel Svennson vies for the heart of the woman he loves, Stina Nilsson. He has hopes of going on a "Year Walk" to sneak a peek into his own future, though Stina warns against such things. Despite that, he is too curious about it and goes on a journey of encountering many strange and horrible creatures in order to gaze into the future.


Despite being in first-person view, the control method of the game is in 2D; navigating around in the game involves swiping both left and right to move left and right respectively. At times, a small triangle appears above the screen, indicating that areas ahead can be accessed by swiping down.

The game mixes both puzzle and adventure elements and integrates the use of the device's hardware to create varied gameplay.

The Year Walk Companion (released separately alongside Year Walk) can also be used as a guide to assist players during the game and offers background information regarding the origins of the mystical creatures that are encountered within the game.


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